Dear Young Republicans

January 5, 2012

Dear young republicans:

Addressing presidential candidates with open letters is cute, but gets nothing done. I’m twenty-four, I’m a college student, my influence over all politicians comes down to one vote, to wit, nothing.

So instead I’m writing to republicans, and more specifically I’m writing to young republicans, because older republicans, are, in essence, the problem.

This letter concerns gays ability to marry. I would like to ask a few questions of people who find themselves agreeing with the GOP position on this issue.  Would you feel comfortable prohibiting black marriage? Would you feel comfortable prohibiting interracial marriage?

If you have answered yes to either of these, fuck you.

If not, however, we are approaching the argument that always comes up at this juncture. Gays aren’t a race, republican orthodoxy goes, so telling them they can’t marry each other isn’t the same as telling a black man he can’t marry a white woman or  a Chinese woman she can’t marry a Hispanic.

I do not want to get into an argument. This issue is controversial, and everyone already has strong beliefs about it. I’ve read many arguments against gay marriage. If you are against gays being allowed to marry all I ask is that in fairness to hearing the other side out, you finish reading this.

Now, the arguments against gay marriage are these. First, gays are evil and unnatural because gay sex is gross and people who have gay sex are gross and it isn’t an issue of marriage, but one of existence, that is, just as medical marijuana is definitely just a way for people who like smoking pot to get a foot in the door of eventual legality, anti-gay legislation is the first step to an eventual pogrom or ghettoize or official second class citizenship. . Second, gays are cool, but gays marrying is not cool because marriage is between a man and a woman because the bible declares this to be true.

Third, gays hurt the development of families and encouraging gay marriage encourages a society in which fewer families are created which is a worse society because family is the basic unit of social and emotional support for everyone.

If you are in the first group, I’m surprised your still reading, but thanks.

Questions of homosexuality being dicked around with on a federal or state level come back to privacy. There are two camps. Those people who believe the constitution guaranties a right to privacy, and those who believe it does not.

People like rick santorom, who would prefer that homosexual acts be outlawed believe there is no right to privacy, otherwise such laws could not be made.

Santorom believes that anal sex is unnatural and would like the government to stop gays from having it.

And here is my big hail Mary pass to all of you who are disgusted by all gay people ever.

Because the constitution applies to everyone in the same way, Those people who believe there is no right to privacy are unable to say it is only gays who have no right to privacy, they must say no one has a right to privacy.

Privacy in this instance means sexual privacy, in other words the type of sex your having with your special friend. And when rick santorom says anal sex should be illegal,  it is important to keep in mind it isn’t just male on male he’s talking about, if you have engaged in male on female sodomy, he hates you for being unnatural just like he hates Jim and John for the private consensual sex they have in there own home.

I have no idea how many of you young republicans need be concerned about the republican parties feeling on sodomy. But national statistics say its just about a third of you, but it doesn’t end there.

The reason gay sex is unnatural is that it is not done to accomplish conception, by its very unnatural nature, its done purely for pleasure. By this logic all sex acts that are anything other than unprotected heterosexual sex are unnatural. This means oral, and this means I’m now talking to almost everyone in this Country.

Of course this isn’t advertised, because the odds are about ninety seven to one that your straight. And while as someone who has a strong dislike for gay people you must, by holding this belief think its fine to mess around with there private sexual activity, its a different story, a much more intrusive and crazy and not so empowering story, when people start messing around with yours.

In 2003, it was illegal for people of either gender to have anal in Texas and thirteen other states. So if the cops got tipped off that you were engaging in such behavior legally the cops could kick down your door, because if they suspected what you were doing they would have probable cause, rip you off your wife or husband or whoever you were currently giving the business, drag you to jail, charge you with sodomy and then prosecute to the full extent of the law.

If you think I’m making this up to make the issue more dramatic, I’m not. Laurence V, Texas is the supreme court case that overturned the sodomy laws on the books in the aforementioned fourteen states.

The way the case began was that in 1998 a policeman was sent to the home of John Lawrence because his neighbor, who was someone most probably like you lied to police and told them he’d heard shots fired. He later went to jail for two weeks because of this lie.

The cop, finding no gun but instead finding two men having anal arrested the couple and took them to jail after which they decided to become a test case for the issue.

You may think me crewed for talking about sex so much in this post, but that’s what this issue comes down to. What two people are doing in there home, in private. And I’d just like you to take one moment to think about this. If you have ever engaged in a sex act which does not directly result in pregnancy because you deliberately tried to prevent it, god thinks your just as much of an ass hole as dudes who have a preference for such.

Moving on to those people who believe that its OK to be gay, but not ok to be married and gay, first I’d like you to find someone whose gay and tell them to there face you think your better than they are because that’s what your saying.

If you have an opinion you should not be ashamed to express it. For example. If I ever come face to face with rick Santorom, I’ll tell him  this exact thing. “We have no Nazi’s in this country. We are so civilized that comparing anyone but neonazi’s to Nazi’s is an invalid comparison. But despite your good work on anti-poverty legislation you are the closest thing to a Nazi this country possesses and because of that I wish slow death on everyone you love so you must see them all die while living to see your own personal beliefs ground down into superstitious nonsense. Fuck you.”

You don’t have to say that, but its a different story when you tell someone to his or her face you don’t think they are worthy of marriage.

I’d like to also point out to you what it is you are saying when you deny another American Citizen the right to marry. What you are saying first is I am better than you exclusively because of who I’m fucking. Second you are saying that you are worse than me, and deserve less legal protection under the law.

For those of you who believe gays should get civil unions, please see Brown V. Board of Education. I’ll quote it for you. “Separate and equal is not equal.”

If your cool with that, I have now run out of arguments  except one. You are creating second class citizens.

Finally, if your objection is that gay people are harmful to society because they do not create families much like your reading of the bible, your being far too literal in your thinking.

Gays can fuck each other like rabbits and will never have kids. Sweet. But this does not mean they cannot raise a family.

They can and do adopt children. Before you worry that gays are bad parents, national studies have been done that show no correlation between gay parents and there children being gay or evil or less educated.

The greatest part about gay adoption is its always deliberate. Straight people have accidental children all the time. However when you see  gay parents with children you can be sure it was a choice. Those two people wanted kids. Otherwise they wouldn’t have them.

And now the big offensive paragraph

Please think about the view you hold. Remember that everyone is human and remember that a gay couple is as in love as you are with whomever your dating or married too. Remember that the statistics say you know someone who is gay even if they haven’t come out. Remember as well that when you tell someone he or she cannot get married, they do not consider you two to still be friendly. You may as well kick them in the junk and spit in there eye. They believe you hate them and see you as the new KKK.  Please remember how upset you would be if someone told you specifically you couldn’t marry because of some objection you considered bullshit. Please remember that interracial marriage once was an issue that was as controversial as this one is, and that people who were against it were calling it unnatural, the same word people use to appose gay marriage.

Please think about all of this. I am not optimistic enough to believe I’ll change one persons mind. I think at this point you have your view and I have mine.

I don’t know why I wrote this. It hurts me to have to write this because I think its futile to try and argue someone out of this issue. Its emotional, its not logical. But I tried.  Thanks for reading.

Jason Polaski

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